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The Volkswagen Type 2 is a panel van, referred to publicly, contingent on body style as the Transporter, Kombi and Microbus, along with tribally as the VW Bus in the United States and as the VW Camper in England. The VW Type 2 was first brought to market in 1950 by Volkswagen a German automobile manufacturer that is still very popular today. At the time however the VW Bus was the second model car brought to market by VW, the first being the VW Beetle also called the Type 1. Thus the reason for the VW Bus being called the Type 2.


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Volkswagon Type 2 (T1)

Volkswagen or VW Bus, also known as Volkswagen Van, was originally designed to be a major public transport carrier comprising of different models. Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) is the first of the series whose manufacturing process was spread across two periods. From 1950 to 1967, the production activity was in full swing both in Europe and US. However, there was another production unit in Brazil that functioned till 1975. The European segment of assembly units were established in Wolfsburg and Hanover of Germany. It was more popular among the public as Microbus because of its compact looks and as Splitscreen due to its unique design.

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Volkswagon Type 2 (T2)

During the year 1966, a new model was introduced by the name Volkswagen Kombi. It consisted of 11 windows in total along with a split windshield. There was another variant introduced in Brazil with 23 windows known as Samba. Around the same time, similar model was released in Australia by the name Alpine. Though all these models belonged to the same period, there were significant variations in the design and looks as well. With few modifications in the design, the next version in the series was unveiled as Volkswagen Type 2 (T2), which later became popular as 'Bay window bus'.

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Volkswagon Type 2 (T3 - T5)

All these models commonly had engines on the rear side. T3 series of buses were the last models that represented this category. Popularly known as Volkswagen Transporter buses, they became quite popular in Europe for mass transport. The early 90s saw the introduction of a smart bus with posh looks called Eurovan or Caravelle. It had doors ranging anywhere between 2 and 6. The engine was located in the front with traversing features unlike the earlier models. One of its most significant features was that of the transmission, which was both automatic and manual. However, the latest model in the series is currently in prevalence by the name Volkswagen Transporter (T5.)

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Top States - Volkswagen Buses For Sale

Listed below are the popular places to find vintage Volkswagen Microbuses and Eurovans For Sale. Check out our For Sale page for more information about how to search all of the Craigslist cities for these states.

Top Ten Areas in US
  1. Florida (Southern)
  2. California (So Cal / Orange County)
  3. Hawaii (Big Island)
  4. Texas (Major Cities - Dalls, Houston, San Antonio)
  5. Oregon (Portland Metro)
  6. Washington (Spokane Area)
  7. New York (Upstate)
  8. Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Grand Junction)
  9. Wisconsin (Madison Area)
  10. Georgia (Atlanta Area)

It should also be noted that a popular area near the US border in Canada is in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.