VW Bus Craigslist Ad Search Guide - Campers For Sale

Tried looking for a vintage VW microbus or modern eurovan on your local Craigslist but didn't find what you were searching for? At CraigslistVW.com we are a gateway to resources where you can find the right VW microbus, eurovan, pickup truck or campervan conversion. We provide links to resources that focus on specific variants of the Volkswagen Bus and also a step by step guide on how to search all of Craigslist for a specific VW bus year, body style or condition. The three specific VW Bus variant sites contain the following:



Website dedicated to displaying Craigslist ads from across North America for Volkswagen Type (T1, T2, T3) "Vintage VW Bus" (1950-1979) microbuses that have been converted into camper vans.


Website focused on showing Craigslist ads from across the United States and Canada for Volkswagen Transporter (T4) Eurovans that have been converted into campers.


VW Truck For sale focuses two different Volkswagen vehicles, The VW Rabbit or First Generation Volkswagen Caddy Typ 14 and the classic VW Pickup (Single and Double Cab). Like the sites above VWTruckForSale.com shows Craigslist ads from across the US.

Craigslist Search VW Bus

When it comes to searching more than one city or state of Craiglist.org at once that best tool online is SearchTempest and the companion AutoTempest. The following are instructions for searching both of these tools.

  1. Go to AutoTempest.com
  2. Select Make "Volkswagen"
  3. Select Model "Microbus" or "Eurovan" or "Transporter" etc.
  4. Populate Distance, Price Range and Years Fields or leave blank
  5. Add Keywords such as "Camper" or "T2" or leave blank
  6. Click on Search
  7. Use Icons on top right to select specific classifieds site

***Note - AutoTempest can be somewhat restrictive but more accurate; Search Tempest can provide more results but is more difficult to use.

  1. Go to SearchTempest.com
  2. Enter Zip Code or leave blank to get results Alphabetical by State
  3. Select Specific States/Countries or ALL
  4. Select Specific Cities or ALL
  5. Use "(volkswagon|vw)" in what box
  6. After "(volkswagon|vw)" type "bus" or "pickup" or other keywords
  7. Update Preferences or leave default
  8. Ensure Category is "sale/wanted" and Sub-Category is "cars & trucks"
  9. Select other options or leave default
  10. Click on Search

Volkswagen "Thing"

If you are interested in the classic Volkswagen 181 aka VW Thing you may want to check out VolkswagenThingForSale.com