Craigslist VW Beetle: Classic Bug, New Beetle, A5

VW Bug: A Classic & Iconic Car by Volkswagen - For Sale On Craigslist
The VW Bug which is actually the Volkswagen Beetle or Type 1 is an iconic international car that has had a major influence on the modern automobile industry. The Beetle has seen many major design changes since its conception in 1938 including two recent overhauls which kept basically only the spirit of the original Bug design.

VW Bug Vehicle Years:

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Original Classic VW Bug

The vintage VW Beetle was commissioned by Adolf Hitler during the Nazi regime in Germany. Porsche was originally contracted for this assignment in 1934 and completed the designs in 1938. The Beetle however wasn't sold in big numbers until 1945 but from that point on sold more than 21 million units before the Type 1 end in 2003.

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Modern VW Beetles

In 1997 a modern take on the classic style bug was introduced which featured a front engine and rear trunk more akin to other passenger cars. This version of the Bug was marketed as the Volkswagen New Beetle and sold until 2011.

vw a5 beetle In 2011 VW brought to market a newly redesigned VW Beetle (A5) which is a successor to the new beetle but with an even closer resemblance to the original Type 1 bug. It is built on the A5 VW Jetta platform and features convertible models as well as hatchback body styles.


Current Volkswagen Beetle Models

2014 VW Beetle 2.5L

2014 Beetle 2.5L

MSRP starting at $19,995

2014 VW Beetle R-Line

2014 Beetle R-Line

MSRP starting at $24,795

2014 VW Beetle R-Line Sunroof

2014 R-Line w/ Sunroof & Sound

MSRP starting at $27,595

2014 VW Beetle 2.5L Sunroof

2014 Beetle 2.5L w/ Sunroof

MSRP starting at $22,695

2014 VW Beetle Clean Diesel

2014 Beetle TDI Clean Diesel

MSRP starting at $24,195

2014 VW Beetle GSR

2014 Beetle GSR

MSRP starting at $29,995